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  • Small survival firestarter buckle with whistle for paracord bracelets

1/2in Firestorm™ Buckle

Bulk Discounts:
  • Buy 5 - 10 and pay only $5.00 each
  • Buy 11 - 25 and pay only $4.50 each
  • Buy 26 - 50 and pay only $4.00 each
  • Buy 51 - 100 and pay only $3.27 each

Product Description

This is the product that is revolutionizing the survival industry. Add these buckles to any paracord bracelet, backpack, or strap to provide fire starting and whistle capabilities.

Use our specially designed Striker Blades to throw a rain of fiery metal onto you tinder. If you don't have our striker and you're in an emergency, cut off the two side prongs to allow full access to the firesteel and use whatever you've got to start your fire.

The pins allow this buckle to be used to repair existing broken buckles, replace a Firestorm™ buckle if your firesteel begins to wear out, or disengage ends of certain products for quick deployments.

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  1. Great keychain option

    Posted by David Barclay

    Not only is this a smart start to any paracord bracelet, but it also works as a great addition to your keys. While the whistle is the best reason, I added a FAT pack, a sharpened striker, both mirror and reflective sticker, all tucked under a ranger band. Them I added a 24" paracord fob to the end. Genius!

  2. Works every time........

    Posted by Pete Draper

    I have several lanyards that I interchange between various items of kit. Knife, Weapon, Day Bag, Parachute Rig all have lanyards that are connected with FireStorm buckles. Whenever the lanyard is removed for use the male end stays with the lanyard and I have a fire starter and emergency whistle at hand. Solid products, reliable and from a company that offers great service. For actual tactical and survival items I will not buy from any other company...... Great job Wazoo......

  3. Great on a watch

    Posted by Erik T.

    Wazoo makes excellent survival products. I used this buckle to weave a new watchband for my G-shock. Works great. I highly recommend their product. They have a very quick order delivery and superior customer service.

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