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The Cache Belt™ | Stretch Goals Are Here

Posted by Wazoo Survival Gear on

Since we had such great response on the first day of our Kickstarter, we blew through our goal and wanted a way to thank you. It took us a little while to get some stretch goals set up, and in doing so, the first one should be a freebie! You're almost there already.

We worked up a new design for a custom ferro rod that's larger, easier to use, and will get you thousands more strikes. We also designed a few new artworks for the Cache Koozie add-on that we're excited to show you, but we can't let you see them until you unlock it. If you keep unlocking them, we'll keep coming up with more for you.

Let us know if you have any ideas for future stretch goals you'd like to see. 

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Comments and Questions:

Stretch goal idea: could you upgrade the photon micro light to the Doug Ritter micro light II with the side scatter protection?

Answer from Nick Blackman: Cool Suggestion. The reason we went with the Photon I is because they are not the complex "computerized" version that needs a decoder to be able to use properly. Those can also get left on and kill the battery where the Photon I is simply on/off when you press/let go. Could be an Add-on upgrade if we get enough people that want to add them though. Thanks!

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