FEATURED: American Survival Guide - Gear Guide Issue

Was thumbing through the Fall 2015 "Gear Guide" (from the editors of American Survival Guide) and was just about to put the magazine down, when I noticed something familiar... The Bushcraft Necklace

What's more, about 10 pages later is the Adventure Bracelet! That's 2 out of their "280+ Pieces of Essential Equipment!" 

American Survival Guide Magazine Gear Guide Cover

Our Bushcraft Bracelet made it into the Fire Starters section titled "Fire Guaranteed, Regardless of the Conditions These Tools Will Spark a Flame" by Michael D'Angona

Here's his introduction paragraphs:

Fire is a force of nature. Harness its energy and you can stay warm, cook raw meat, purify water, and create light to see throughout the night. Fail to develop a flame and you'll find yourself cold, hungry, and exposed to the surrounding wildlife, and essentially blind when the sun sets and blackness of night follows.
The old adage is to have at least five ways to create fire under survival conditions. With the variety of tools on the market, that won't be a problem.  Your choices are numerous, so be prepared today and you'll survive the darkness until tomorrow.

...and here's what he had to say about our Bushcraft Necklace:


Authentic cowhide cord

Wearable "flint & steel"

Attractive design

Custom ceramic scraper


Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Now you will never forget your fire-making device. The Bushcraft Necklace provides you with the ability to create fire using the basic, uncomplicated method of flint and steel. What's unusual about the product is that this tool is stored and carried around your neck. Put it on and forget about it. When the time comes, just take it off your neck, strike the flint and your fire comes to life. Perfect for just about anyone who ventures outdoors. Equip everyone in your family or outdoor group with one and you'll never be caught in a bind.

Bushcraft Fire Starter Review

Our Adventure Bracelet, on the other hand, (see what I did there) was featured in the Fishing Gear section. Another article by Michael D'Angona titled "The Catch of the Day, Effective Fishing Gear for Survival Situations". 

He has another good introduction article worth reading that I think showcases his perspective on the importance of carrying fishing equipment when in the backcountry.

Fish can be your go-to food source when there's little available. Lakes, streams, and ponds, more often than not, are stocked with an abundance of fish, ready to be cooked over a open campfire. But first they must be caught. That's the tricky part. With no equipment, you'll have a difficult, if not nearly impossible time obtaining your dinner, so always remember to include in your survival packs the necessary tools to secure an abundant catch. These fishing items range from a simple spool of line, a few hooks and a lure or two, to more elaborate set-ups that may include a bowfishing kit, or a complete mini-sized rod and reel perfect for any unexpected survival situation. Keep in mind, all survival fishing gear must be easy for you to use, compact enough to fit into your pack or even secured on your body, and should contain a variety of items needed to fish whenever the need may arise. No unnecessary searching around your camp for makeshift parts should be required. With some patience and the correct equipment, your fish dinner will be caught, cooked and ready to satisfy your nagging hunger.

Of all of the kits he included, the Adventure Bracelet was the only one that could considered truly wearable. Some of the others could be technically fit in your pocket, but it's doubt the average 9-5 person would everyday. This is where Wazoo stands alone in our realistic approach to make survival kits you never forget because you're always wearing them.

 Paracord bracelets are abundant from many sources, but none like this. This Adventure Bracelet is essentially a survival toolbox on your wrist. It's loaded with essential survival gear including, a compass, fire steel, whistle, a reflector, surgical tubing, and a reliable signal mirror. Important fishing gear is also a key component to this wrist-full of gadgets that can help you gain necessary sustenance and much needed calories by assisting in catching your dinner when out in the wild. Hooks, fishing line and included weights can help do the job; just add your own bait! Clip the bracelet around your wrist and you'll never have to worry about forgetting your fishing kit again.

Adventure Bracelet Fishing Kit Review