Burnable Business Card

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Put in your wallet or stash anywhere else you can fit a credit card/business card.

  • 100% Made in USA
  • Made of Birch Wood
  • BREAK: Perforated cuts to break into 7 pieces.
  • BUILD: Assemble into custom designed kindling fire lay.
  • BURN: Light up piece of tinder on platform piece, and place assembly on top. Enjoy the blaze!
  • INCLUDES: Vinyl Case & Fresnel Lens



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Jas-UK Aug 17th 2017

Burnable Business Card

I like the fact that you get a fresnal lens with it to help burn the thing, so at least your left with something after its helped cook your dinner. Will need another one to try first though as I just like the idea of it so reluctant to use it unless its a real emergency. Printed instructions that show how to put it together would be helpful - having to rely on the video on this website...



Birch - Made in USA
2" x 3 1/2" x 1/32"
Fresnel Lens:
3x Magnification - Protected in vinyl sleeve - Made in USA
Worry Less Lifetime Warranty
Made In USA:
Designed and manufactured in Texas