Bushcraft™ Leather Necklace

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A fire starter survival necklace that is always close to heart.

 "Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean."

- John Muir

What is this thing, jewelry or tool?
An innovation that combines primitive technique with present technology, the Bushcraft necklace is inspired by the tried and true method of traditional fire making. It incorporates a modern day version of “Flint & Steel” adapted into a classy two-part pendant. Combined with rich mahogany brown leather and tied with classic mountaineering knots, it is a weekday accessory that can become a weekend lifesaver.

Will it last?
Like a cast iron skillet or rib-eye steak, will only get better with age and care.

What size is it?
These are sold in a one size fits all format. The Double Fisherman's knot allows for adjustability but may be snug fitting over larger heads.

* The leather is free of Lead, PCP, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Chromium VI, Cadmium and other carcinogenic/hazardous chemicals.


Reviews (39)

Sgt. Prepper Jun 9th 2017

I like the bushcraft necklace...

I like the bushcraft necklace, as its made with leather cord and it just feels more traditional and organic to wear, but it’s very similar to the Firecraft necklace which comes using a length of 550 firecord if you want something a little more practical. It has a small ferro rod and a ceramic striker on the end which work well given their size, and really I think look quite nice. The leather feels quite sturdy which makes for some good emergency cordage for something like a tourniquet or even to make a basic snare if you had to. I don’t adorn myself with jewellery, but I do like this as it’s not made for showing off. It is practical and also a little unique and that suits me just fine.

Mark Dec 25th 2016


I do not where jewelry, wife hates I don't where my ring. Finally found something that fits my style and is useful. Thanks for a great product.