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The Ultimate Everyday & Travel Accessory. It's a money belt, travel tool, survival kit and whatever else you make it. Understated design with over-the-top functionality.




Money Belt, Cache Belt and survival gear contents

Cache: (noun) \ˈkăsh\ 

1. hiding place especially for concealing and preserving provisions or implements. 

2. a secure place of storage.



The Cache Belt is more than a "money belt."   

everyday carry gear belt, from street to survival

To the Everyday Carry 9-5er, it's another pocket to stash your EDC essentials. 


To the Traveler, it's a safe and secure storage pouch for travel gear and important documents.


To the Adventurer, it's a survival kit right where you need it, when you need it. On you. And always with you.


The Cache Belt is the world's most functional everyday carry, travel, adventure, and survival belt.

It's versatile enough to take you from the boardroom to the backwoods of Borneo and combines the highest grade components with a sleek, goes-with-anything look. Best of all, it features a velcro enclosure over two feet long that's fully customizable. From discreet carrying of extra Euros on the streets of Amsterdam, to packing a compass and signaling mirror up a volcano in Nicaragua, we've tested this belt all around the world and we're confident you'll agree: this is the ultimate everyday and travel accessory.

To launch the Cache Belt, we offered it via the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. We met our initial goal of $15,000 in under 4 hours, were one of the Top 20 most popular Kickstarter projects, and raised a total of $275,075 from 4,506 backers to help bring the Cache Belt to life!

It was picked up and covered by many big media sources including Maxim Magazine, Daily Mail, and Outside Magazine. See below for links to their reviews.

Cache Belt Press mentions and PR

Here's the original Kickstarter project link for more details:

Make sure you have the essentials in your everyday carry survival gear.  From paracord survival bracelets to fire steel necklaces, Wazoo Survival Gear has you covered.


Reviews (10)

James Apr 17th 2018


I've been wearing this daily for about 2 weeks now. I've got a full adventure kit stored in it with a few other small items (large belt). This product took a while to get right, but that's what they did... got it right. Wazoo's customer service is outstanding as well. They really care about the quality of their products and their customers. Will be ordering more from them in the near future. Thanks Wazoo!

Christina Apr 16th 2018

Cache belt/Kickstarter Backer

Ok this belt almost kicked my ass. I was trying to put my kit into the belt & the duct tape was to tall & so was the water kit. I thought I was going to have to cut the tape in to two little stripes. I thought no way all this stuff should fit into this belt. I was frustrated & getting really mad & was about to go off in the comments on Kickstarter. Well before I did that I did some investigating on Wazoo's YouTube channel & found a video from 2017 on the Cache Belt. I watched it & to my surprise the Velcro lifted up & that's how the duct tape now fits. It goes under the Velcro strips then you close it & it fits. If it wasn't for that video I would of never figured it out & a lot of the kit would of went in the bag or in a draw & a lot of negative comments about the belt would of been a mistake on my end. I was so glad bc I hate leaving bad comments on things. I try to look @ the good in all things. This is a GREAT PIECE of equipment to have on you @ all time, bc you never no WSHTF. With the belt & small pack will get you to safety & you can use it to more stable yourself for long term. I also added a screw driver multi tool to my belt. Fits under the Velcro & you don't even see it. I love the Cache Belt & I will be adding cash to this belt ASAP....