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If you're not familiar with the Cache Cap, where have you been?  Here's a link to the original product: Cache Cap | Blackticool

***These are production seconds. They did not meet our stringent standards during inspection.  Since they do not meet our stringent requirements, they do not qualify for our lifetime warranty.***

As a few examples, they may have minor flaws like loose stitching, velcro that does line up properly on the bill pocket, bill sleeves that may not be big enough to fit the ceramic folding blade, or off-centered velcro alignments but otherwise are fully functional. 

If you have any questions or concerns, call us during business hours.




NOTE: items shown are not included with cap, but some are available for purchase. 







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Bob Sep 1st 2018

Cache Cap™ | Blackticool SECONDS

This company has very high standards. I took a gamble buying this rejected hat. Not sure what I would get (the condition of the "rejected hat") This hat had a single stitch (thread sticking out) Not sure what the next guy might get but I'm thrilled with this purchase. I really dont think you'll be disappointed buying this hat at the price that they are offering it for.



6 total: 3 in main dome of hat - 1 hook and loop closure middle of brim - 2 narrow slot pockets along edge of brim
Hook and loop