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First Aid Tinder™ Packs

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    Replacable fire starters and first aid for ANY paracord bracelet! Hold them on with a couple Ranger Bands and you increase the awesome factor of whatever your put them on.

    Ever struggle to find small fuzzy tinder that'll take a spark? What about when it's raining? Let a F.A.T. Packet turn that spark into flame. If you don't think 30 seconds is enough for your soggy conditions, add a ranger band to the mix for extra burn time.

    Ever had cuts or scrapes? Protect the wound and ease the pain with the triple antibiotic first aid dressing. Nothing worse than surviving a dire situation only to die of infection.

    ALLERGIC WARNING: Do not use if you are allergic to any of the following: Bacitracin zinc, Neomycin, Polymyxin B sulfate, or Pramoxine hydrochloride. Do not wear flammable items if you work around fire or really hot things. Wazoo Survival Gear LLC is not responsible and will not be held liable for your actions. Inhaling fumes of burning objects is bad for your health so use only in well ventilated areas.

    When i first opened my package and these little guys fell out I looked at them with a puzzled look on my face and thought to myself what in the world is this, then I took a closer look and I realized they were a first aid gauz and I thought to myself how am I supposed to review this does Wazoo want me to cut myself just to field test a product and I was like okay well here we go and I grabbed my knife flicked it open and...come on now you don't think I actually cut myself. Shoot, I don't need help in that department I tend to draw blood once or twice a week just fooling around in the woods or on the tool bench. After I did a little research I also learned that these are not just first aid but also amazing fire starters that burn up to 30 seconds which is a crazy long time if you ask me. I fly drones its one of my favorite hobbies but my dog sure doesn't like them. One day he jumped and snatched one out of the air but in the process a prop slices his chin open and he started bleeding and this little piece came in handy especiallly since we were in the woods but luckily I had one strapped to my paracord Lanyard using a ranger band. I was able to clean him up in seconds and then use it to start a fire that I quickly put out(it was for test purposes). All in all a survivalists best friend is a product that has more then one use and is this small and light weight. Make sure to buy a couple packets cause you will want to have a few of these stashed all over the place, garage, car, kitchen, night stand, bathroom and even a couple stashed inside your wood pile next to the fireplace. No need to buy those expensive fire starter blocks when one of these bad boys when one of these and your bushcraft necklace is just as efficient and way more cool looking and women love the manliness when you start a fire using primitive tools. For more check out my blog soon to see videos and reviews

  • What will Wazoo come up with next?

    Posted by David Hamilton

    The first aid fire tinder's can hurt you and heal you to. How did they think of this one? Lol Simple little self contained packs that hold a cloth bundle. Cut it open, flare out the fabric and take your Bushcraft necklace, strike a couple times and you have a flame. It's that simple. Now whats really good is if in this process you burn or cut yourself, just open another one and it is coated with a antiobotic ointment to cover your wound and held in place with Wazoo's Ranger Bands. If this is not the most practical add on to your arsenal, i dont know what is. The tinder packs can be held on your favorite Wazoo bracelet with a ranger band. Alot more compact than a Zippo and has more uses. Now they do look like chicklet's gum so dont try to eat one. Thats a whole diffrent survival situation. Lol By the way i did cut myself but blood not included. So add these tinder packs to your bracelet or EDC kit and it will save your wazoo!!!! Maybe they will even come up with some of these you can eat.

  • Amazingly smart invention

    Posted by David Barclay

    Having the FAT packs handy, ensures a more easily built fire, but also turns a piece of duct tape into an infection fighting bandage. Plus they are small, I put them in every survival kit!

  • burns great, tested 3 packs and all burnred for 33-35 sec.

    Posted by bob

    Solid tinder, burns over 30 secs and was succesfull all 3 tested.

  • Excellent Idea by WAZOO!

    Posted by Earl T.

    Though I hope to never need these little gems, I'm sure they'll do exactly what they are advertised to do.

    As the picture shows, they fit rather nicely inside the buckle when held in place with a ranger band.

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