Handcuff Key

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A fully functioning universal handcuff key with functioning double locking pin. It's made of hard polymer so it is silent when being used and is nonmetallic.

These keys come with an adhesive backing to be applied to the back of a watch, bracelet, ID badge, or other flat surface. Use a Ranger Band to attach it to any watch brand or bracelet for easy access.


By purchasing the handcuff key you agree that: This product is meant for survival purposes only!; Wazoo Survival Gear LLC is not liable for any actions resulting from the use of the item; It is your responsibility to check local, state, and national laws that may prohibit the purchase, use or ownership of such items; and YOU WILL NOT USE IT ILLEGALLY!

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Reviews (31)

Chris May 26th 2018


In response to an email I received from Wazoo after my last review, I decided to test my key. I used it several times on the handcuffs and had no problem with the key. I then tried to use the key with the handcuffs on me to try and escape. The cuffs I used are the ones with three links attached at three points, so there is very little room between the braclets. My hands are small and I was able to escape with either the Wazoo key or the cuff key. My husband and son have large hands and are completely unable to reach the key hole with either key. This was with hands in front of us. It may be different with the type of cuffs that have a chain between them. We don't have access to a pair of those to test.

Chris May 16th 2018

One time

My step dad who was in law enforcement says that these would be a good one time use key if the cuffs you were in were the right brand. There are several brands and 2 or 3 different keys. He's afraid the tooth might break off if the handcuffs were less than impeccably taken care of. That being said I still wear it in my undisclosed location just in case. Hopefully I'll never need to find out if it will work. NOTE FROM WAZOO: We recommend using, testing, and familiarizing yourself with all gear before you need it in an emergency. We put a lifetime guarantee on our gear so if this should break during use or testing we will replace it for you.



1.0" (25.4mm) Diameter x 0.15" (3.8mm) Thick
High strength thermoplastic resin blend
Made In USA:
Manufactured in Texas