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  • Survival Koozie with integrated firesteel, firecord, whistle and 550 paracord.
  • Paracord bag to carry survival tools, gadgets, or a beverage.

Hide™ Paracord Quick Deploy Koozie Pouch

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    Product Description

    Not only does it keep your drink cold, but it can deploy an outrageous amount of paracord in a matter of seconds, start fires, and signal for rescue!

    Because it's the coolest Koozie ever made. Not only does it have cordage, it also comes with a whistle, firesteel and ceramic striker. Whether you need a fire for warmth, a whistle to get someone's attention, or tons of cordage for improvising a litter to carry out an injured friend, this thing can save your Hide! In addition to micro survival tools in an everyday carry pouch, the paracord helps absorb condensation. Every tool has multi-functions if you use your most powerful tool, but we will give you some starters - this bag doubles as survival kit pouch or tool holster.

    Small - 90 feet
    Large - 125 feet

    No, but it adds a thick protective skin to just about any bottle, making it nearly indestructible!

    I purchased this item very skeptical at first. Not because I was worried of the quality of the craftsmanship from these guys, because I own many Wazoo products. But because they advertise it to fit a 32 oz. Nalgene bottle and I have a 40 oz. Klean Kanteen single walled steel bottle. I was nervous as to if it would fit or not. Luckily however with just a second or too of some really tight squeezing pushes I fit on perfectly and there is only an inch and a half of the bottle sticking out! (Not including the cap that has a loop for carabiner connection) Now the reason I decided on a Wazoo Koozie is because of the obvious. It's not just another average one trick pony koozie, this baby will help to actually save your Wazoo! And because I take my Kanteen everywhere I go. And if you own a single walled steel bottle, you know as well as I do the annoyance of how badly they sweat! I mean literally water everywhere, it would even fill up my cup holder or make a puddle on my desk if it was there long enough of drip all over me when drinking. I purchased the large neon orange Kooziewhich has 125 ft of rope which is quite a lot and the seven inner strands means you will be able to make multiple structural lashongs or tool bindings in case you are lost or abandoned somewhere. The ceramic striker is tucked in and the ferro rod and whistle make it look like a normal every day tie so unless you say something or someone know about Wazoo, it looks like a really BA hand woven Koozie! Oh, and did I mention I haven't had any sweating problems since I've had it!?! (And I'm not too certain but I definitely think it helps insulate my Kanteen as I feel it stays colder longer now too! And it also helps protect my Kanteen from scratches scuffs and dents when I drop it as well!) Thankfully so far I haven't had to unravel it but if the need arises, I know my Wazoo will be saved!

  • Great Gift!

    Posted by Matt H.

    I bought the small hide as a birthday present for my wife. She absolutely loves it. When Roxanne heard that it was A birthday present, she wrote a happy birthday note on my order ticket. Not only do they carry high-quality products, but they are very personable and professional.

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