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  • Paracord belt with snare wire, fishing kit, firecord, and more.
  • A breakdown of what's inside the BELT from Wazoo and Prepenstein
  • The Paracord BELT in Desert Camo color

Paracord Survival Kit BELT

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    Product Description


    This exclusive belt from Prepinstein Designs is painstakingly handcrafted in the USA from a continuous 80+ feet of 550 cord. The craftsmanship and integrated survival kit items make it a perfect fit for us here at Wazoo.

    The tight weave makes the belt stiff and strong to hold your pants up regardless of how much stuff you cram in your pockets. At approximately 1/4" thick and 1 1/4" wide it will fit in nearly any standard size belt loops. The survival kit can be accessed by simply unweaving the very end of the belt, and not having to disassemble the entire length. The jute can be used and replenished with a pair of small needle nose pliers, without any additional belt disassembly.

    80-100ft 550 Paracord (depending on size)
    2 Split Shot Sinkers
    2 Fishing Hooks
    2 Safety Pins
    30ft 50lb Braided Fishing Line
    5" Straw Tube
    12" 550 FireCord
    2 30" Lengths of 7 Strand Stainless Wire
    High Carbon Steel Striker/Saw

    SIZING: True Measured Waist Size Vs Pant Size
    Small - True Measured Waist Size 26"-32" ~ Pant Size 24"-30"
    Medium - True Measured Waist Size 32"-38" ~ Approx Pant Size 24"-30"
    Large - True Measured Waist Size 38"-44" ~ Approx Pant Size 24"-30"

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