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Executive Leadership Team

Dustin Hogard, Co-Founder

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Nick Blackman, Co-Founder

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Recent Media Mentions and Features:

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NPR's How I Built This Summit - Oct 2018 - Wazoo founders invited to the first ever HIBT Summit in San Francisco

The Survival Podcast - Sep 2018 - Founders, Nick and Dustin interview with Jack Spirko


Off Grid Web - April 2019 - An Overview Of Handkerchiefs, Bandanas, & Shemaghs

Off Grid Web - Jan 2018 - EJ Snyder's Nomad Pack Survival Loadout 

Off Grid Web - July 2017 - Ranger Bands: Tough Rubber Bands For The Outdoors

Off Grid Web - April 2017 - 10 Lessons From an Urban Escape and Evade Class

Dude I want That - Oct 2016 - The Cache Belt

Daily Mail UK - Sept 2016 - Forget the Swiss Army Knife: The stylish travel BELT that features hidden tools

Gear Junkie - Sept 2016 - Survival Situation? Check Your Belt

Maxim - Sept 2016 - This Crazy Survival Belt Comes with 26 Hidden Tools

Off Grid Web - Sept 2016 - Kickstarter: Wazoo Cache Belt Survival Kits

Travel Weekly - Aug 2016

Gear Junkie - Aug 2016 - USA-Made Gear: 20 Domestic Stand-Outs


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