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  • Ranger bands on various objects in a knolling photo.
  • Small Ranger Bands in a knolling photos.
  • Medium size ranger bands in knolling layout
  • Large Ranger Bands in Knoll Design
  • Different sized ranger bands are as useful as duct tape, paracord, and zip ties

Ranger Bands (10 Pack)

Bulk Discounts:
  • Buy 3 - 5 and get 25% off
  • Buy 6 or above and get 35% off

Product Description


Ranger Bands are super strong, super durable rubber bands, which are well-known for being useful in a variety of applications. Ranger Bands are said to have been first adopted by Army “Rangers”, hence the name. These simple bands have been widely embraced by the public, especially outdoorsmen, as an all around must-have device to join the ranks with paracord, duct tape, and cable ties.

We began making ranger bands for our paracord bracelets years ago to secure tools and provide additional fire starting fuel. Using the standard method of cutting up inner tubes, we quickly outgrew this method and wanted to introduce better quality and consistency. We found a USA manufacturer to make them to our specifications out of EPDM, which is the toughest rubber available. After selling over 25,000 of the “Small”, we thought it was time to branch out.

We now offer them in 3 sizes:

Small - .875” (Flat Length) x .563” (Wide) = Approximately .5” (Diameter)
Medium - 1.25” (Flat Length) x .875” (Wide) = Approximately .7” (Diameter)
Large - 2.5” (Flat Length) x 1” (Wide) = Approximately 1.5” (Diameter)

Mix Pack = 4 x Small, 3 x Medium, 3 x Large



Ranger Band uses are only limited by the person possessing them. Like us, I’m sure you’ll find yourself putting them on every item you have laying around. Remember, each band can be cut thinner to multiply quantity.

  • Rubberized Grip (Knives, Flashlights, Bottle Caps, Handles, Knobs)
  • Shock Absorber (Battery Chargers, Walkie Talkies, Bottles)
  • Coiling Strap (Cables, Cords, Webbing, Tarps)
  • Bundling Band (Tent Stakes, Camp Utensils, Keyring Tools)
  • Attachment Band (Ferro Rod on Knife Sheaths)
  • Secure Closure (Altoids Style Tins, P-38/P-51 Can Opener, Lensatic Compasses)
  • Outer Seal Gasket (Boxes, Cans, Bottles)
  • Insulate from Heat or Cold (Little Pot-Holders in a Pinch)
  • Burns with an Intense Long Lasting Flame. (Exceptional for Trying to Light Wet Kindling)
  • Cut into odd shapes to accommodate custom applications/repairs


Ranger Bands are amazing, thats all I can really say. Push the buy button and hit that plus sign a dozen times or so i promise you will thank me. The best way to thank me is send me a couple of those packets you just purchased. j/k

Well I am to long winded not to say a little something something. Super durable, strong, practical and once again so many uses even ones you wouldn't think of. I bet you probably didn't know that these ranger bands make a great fire starter and can and will burn pretty hot for a good amount of time. If you find yourself in a situation where everything around you is wet just slice up one of these bands into long thin strips and use your bushcraft necklace to ignite them. A survivalists best friend is a piece of equipment that has many different uses and are so small you don't even know they are there. Just buy a few of these, and some FAT packs and a paracord bracelet and you have a mini survival pack right on your wrist. for more survival tips and reveiws check out

  • A must have in your everyday EDC

    Posted by David Hamilton

    Wazoo Ranger bands have so many uses. They come in a assortment of sizes. You can use them as grips, seals, first aid, or use your imagination. I tested them on my water bottle as a seal, and it worked great. Also while i was testing the fire tinder packs i cut my finger and used a diffrent size to hold the tinder pack, which is also soaked with a antibiotic ointment for a first aid dressing to hold it on my cut. These are a must have in your EDC pack.
    David Hamilton
    #Ranger Bands

  • trying to find a way NOT to be able to use them

    Posted by Pete Draper

    As a parachute rigger I always walk around with pockets of rubber bands, you can use them for so many things, from opening bottles, to tidying wires and cables and the list goes on. Now I ALWAYS have these Ranger bands in my pocket too because I have found nothing stronger, more versatile or useful in everyday use. I am on my 2nd packet now and will be stocking up with more very soon. Made with the usual quality I have come to expect from Wazoo.......

  • So many uses!

    Posted by Bob

    I purchased a few assorted packs, i use them on my hatchet, i put a few on the shoulder straps of my backpac to help it not slip around. Also i have 1on my watch band to hide/protect my ceramic blade.

  • Awesome

    Posted by Chris

    I have a ceramic striker blade hidden in my watch band with the ranger bands. The bands blend in and look like part of the watch so no one would have any idea. Great customer service and I would recommend this site to anyone!

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