Signal Stickers (For Clamshell)

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NOTE: This product was retired June 2019. Click here to learn more about what that means.

These stickers allow you to add additional life-saving surfaces to your clamshell Compass or Container.

The Glow Light fits perfectly on the inner face of the lid and can be charged with natural or artificial light to hyper-illuminate the compass, read maps or charts in the dark, or extend the battery life of your flashlight; A few seconds of charging from your light gives a few minutes of gentle glowing output enough to see your surroundings in a dark environment. Use a small piece of sand paper inside the lid first to get a nice smooth application.

The Mirror on the bottom surface of the clamshell can be used in bright sunlight to offer a short range visual flashing signal. Helpful near running water or other noisy environments where a whistle may not be as effective.

The Retro Reflector on the bottom surface will shine light back at its source. Ideal for night time rescue scenarios where searchers are using flashlights or spotlights. Whether on land or stranded at sea, make sure you can be seen!

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Reviews (5)

Tim May 3rd 2016

Miltary Man

I've been using a glow in the dark sticker on my ID tags for over 26 yrs on Military service. Why wouldn't I put one on my fire starter kit or any other survival tool I may drop in the dark. Great products that can stick on anything and mark your location or signal for help without the weight of a signal mirror or flashlight.

Ken Apr 17th 2016


fit perfectly