Survival Candy Cane

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NOTE: This product was retired January 2016. Click here to learn more about what that means.

A first ever Holiday Exclusive item from Wazoo! Show off your holiday spirit with this survival kit disguised as a candy cane. Commemorate your passion for all things survival by adding it as an ornament to your Christmas tree.

Need to make your outfit a bit more festive? Tuck one of these bad boys in your shirt pocket and BOOM! Instant holiday accent. They won't even know it's a survival kit!

A great novelty stocking stuffer for the survival enthusiast in your family.

It contains:
20ft of 50lb test braided fishing line
2 Fish Hooks
Magnetized needle
24" of 7 strand stainless snare wire
Holiday Spirit

**WARNING** Holiday Spirit may be contagious!


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