Survival Kindling Gift Card™

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Give the gift of survival!

The World's 1st Fire Starting Kindling Card

At Wazoo, we want everything to serve multiple purposes and be highly functional. Instead of throwing out a piece of plastic after you spend the money off of it, this creative solution allows you to break down your spent gift card and reassemble it into a fire starting structure! 

Besides the fact that you might not know the specific size, color, or product that someone wants, this card can be carried long after the person has burned through it's monetary value and kept with them so that they always have some potentially lifesaving fire starting fuel.

The Kindling Gift Card is made of birch wood and has been designed so that it can be broken into individual pieces and reassembled into a highly-efficient kindling structure. The card is COMPLETELY made here in the USA on USA made equipment...even the wood is harvested here in the USA!

Upon purchase, a card with the value along with a unique code will be mailed to the address supplied. The recipient can apply the card's value via the discount code toward any Wazoo product. 


Reviews (3)

TK Nov 23rd 2016

Who knew that kindling could be cool?!!

Who knew that kindling could be cool!

Anonymous Nov 13th 2016


Best for my wallet



Birch - Harvested and processed in USA
2" x 3 1/2" x 1/32"
Fresnel Lens:
3x Magnification - Protected in vinyl sleeve - Made in USA
Worry Less Lifetime Warranty
Made In USA:
Designed and manufactured in Texas