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“Really, the fundamental, ultimate mystery -- the only thing you need to know to understand the deepest metaphysical secrets -- is this: that for every outside there is an inside and for every inside there is an outside, and although they are different, they go together.” ~ Alan Watts

And thus the idea behind this design is to showcase multiple perspectives and symbols as one.

Although, often times explaining the meaning of something means it’s cleverness is lost, perhaps you’ll enjoy this shirt more knowing how much thought went into it…

Like an optical illusion of 2 faces/vase, you have to dedicate you mind to either seeing the whole picture “WAZOO” or each individual icon. The closer you look and the more you compare, the more connections become apparent.


Represented with an icon of FIRE. It is an element that is considered the first and more important element harnessed by man. Fire means everything. If achieved, it is a major step toward survival

The fire is opposite of the water symbol “O” but still points inward toward it. And on closer inspection, one will notice that the inner flame is actually a replica of the water symbol.


Represented by the icon of SHELTER. The #1 killer of people in the outdoors is exposure to the elements, or the lack of proper shelter. Shelter is protection. More than just a physical protection. Shelter eases the mind against the unknown.

Opposite of shelter is the “O” representing navigation with a compass. This dichotomy is meant to represent one of the major debates in survival situations (or life decisions in general). Shelter in place, or navigate out. Should I stay or should I go? While most contemporary survival advice is to stay and wait for help, many stories, like that of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 that crashed in the Andes, we’re only saved because an intrepid few decide to take fate into their own hands. It’s a debatable topic that we thought deserved representation here.


Represented by a CUTTING TOOL. Considered by many as man’s first tool, it is still most outdoorsman's’ single most important tool in the wild. It is the tool that allows one to fashion other tools and thus is exponentially more useful than its fundamental characteristics suggests. In this case, we used an artistic interpretation of the classic Swiss Army Knife with it’s iconic cross. The blade is at the top and centered on the shirt. On the bottom portion is the bottle opener. A humorous gesture meant to show that at the base of Wazoo is fun… and beer. Nick and Dustin met for the first time over beers, and to this day not many major decisions are made without one in hand.

If you’ll notice on the “Z”, the Swiss cross is offset to the left of the chest and creates an “X”. This is to remind us what is the most important tool of all… Heart!


Represented by NAVIGATION it is often overlooked as an important skill. In fact, the inability to navigate is often what gets people in survival situations, getting lost. And in a deeper meaning, before you can know where you are going, you must know where you are.

The compass parts compliment the parts of its opposite “A” shelter. The cardinal points are the points of the teepee, and the needle is a reflection of the opening. The needle is also facing NE, representing forward and up, a positive outlook on the future (and hopefully the financial reports of Wazoo).


Represented by the water droplet. Water, the building block of life. 70% of the Earth’s surface. 70% of our body. It too has fire as a complementary element. Without fire, the sun, water would not be water but ice. Therefore water is represented with a small flame within it. It’s shape reminiscent of the Yin  or Yang, whichever you prefer!




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Ken V Jun 10th 2018

Symbology 101

Love the symbols used to spell company name. The most unique use of survival priorities put into a kick butt company logo. You can tell a lot of thought went into this selection of symbols. Super soft, lightweight and fluid, check out the inner neck label...extra mile award. This is a great addition to your kit or closet and looks great on the streets or fun in the wild. This company has not disappointed on any level with every product I've ordered. Thanks again to the gear gods at Wazoo!!



Super soft vintage ink process
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