The Wazoo Lifetime Warranty

QUALITY: Our products are the highest quality possible. From the individual components we use in our products to the labor-intensive craftsmanship involved in making them they are quality through and through. Buy with confidence knowing that all Wazoo products are meticulously hand crafted in the United States! 

DURABILITY: Wazoo products will only come apart when you want them to. They will never have ends pop loose or accidentally come unwoven. Should this ever happen, ship it back to Wazoo and we will repair it free of charge. Our Products are designed to be worn every day but all materials have limitations. Should you have Ranger Bands or Surgical Tubing wear through, or use your firesteel so much that it breaks off, simply send it back to Wazoo for free maintenance and repair. 

SURIVABILITY: Should you find yourself in an emergency situation that requires the use of your Wazoo product, tell us the story, send us some photos of the components you made it out with and we will replace it with a brand new model!  (NOTE: This does not include cheesy day-to-day tasks such as tying cans on the back of a car for a wedding)