Zombie Paracord Survival Bracelet

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NOTE: This product was retired May 2018. Click here to learn more about what that means.

A long awaited, wearable version of our collector edition Zombies. Show off your inner zombie-slayer with this gory masterpiece. This is the most time intensive bracelet we make, and due to the handcrafted gore, each one will be unique. The high price point may turn away some buyers, but we understand these aren't for the faint of heart.



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Alex Dec 17th 2016



Tamara Stewart Dec 4th 2016


Perfect gift for my nephew~



Pealess design - Volume ~100 dB - Integrated on male buckle for quick access - Removable end cap allows mud and debris to be cleaned out
Diameter 1/8" - Center prong of male buckle - Notched base anchors in plastic during molding - Ferrocerium material can be scraped slowly to produce flammable shavings or scraped quickly to throw sparks - Shavings burn at 5,500F (3,000C) - Works even
3/8"x3/4" - Acrylic - Mounted on bottom surface of female buckle against the wrist via 3M adhesive- Remove thin plastic film cover for best reflection
Cutting length up to 17" (dependent on size of bracelet) - 8 strand braided stainless steel - Brass crimped ends - Cuts wood, bone, PVC, ice, and more - Cuts in any direction for notching or intricate woodwork
First Aid Tinder (FAT) Pack:
Waterproof - Petroleum soaked cotton with triple antibiotic and analgesic - Attached on end of buckle with Ranger Bands for quick access - Expendable and replaceable - Made in USA
Ranger Bands:
EPDM rubber - Non-latex - Flammable - Mounted on both ends of buckle to protect and hold FAT Packs in place - Made in USA
Ceramic Blade:
White zirconia ceramic - Will not dull or corrode - Sheathed in female buckle - Exposed end for striking firesteel - Remove from buckle to expose sharp blade edge
Waterproof Sleeve:
Flexible clear tube used to waterproof and protect fishing kit inside bracelet
~10-12ft Type III Commercial Grade 550 Paracord - 100% nylon - 7 inner strands made of 2 twisted yarns each - Sheath made of 32 yarns - Made in USA
Sharps style needle - size 7 - Pre-magnetized
Fishing Line:
20 ft Power Pro braided Spectra - 50lb test - Moss green - Made in USA
Fishing Hooks:
Quantity 2 - Eagle Claw - Model 084 - Size 8 - Steel - Made in USA
Worry Less Lifetime Warranty
Made In USA:
Handcrafted in Texas