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Wazoo Survival Gear (WSG) makes wearable survival kits disguised to blend into your everyday life.

Where most people will focus on the paracord alone, we look deeper. Our paracord is simply a decorative exterior for the mini survival kits hidden inside!

Buy with confidence, knowing WSG products are proudly hand-crafted in the USA and will never be outsourced! We make our products with 7-strand 550 paracord and the highest quality components because you don't want anything less when your life is on the line.

Whether you're going hunting, fishing, backpacking, or just heading off to work, make sure you're ready for anything the world might throw at you!

Welcome to Wazoo Survival Gear LLC

The Wazoo Crew Is On Vacation.

Orders placed after December 10th may not be processed until January because we will be spending time with our families over the holidays. All orders will be processed in the order they were received once we return so feel free to keep those orders coming.

2015 is going to be another big year for us so sign up for our Survival Revolution newsletter by entering your email address below. It's always an exciting time to join the Wazoo Nation. Don't miss out on any of the Wazoo news and product releases!

We appologize for any inconvenience. In the mean time, keep up with the progress, and show your support for Wazoo at any of these places:

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